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WooF WooF !!!


Each of my clothing designs are thinking of the bold man who seeks to show his perfect masculinity and show every part of his body with personality and attitude on any stage, beach, pool, etc., arousing the interest of the audience, feeling comfortable wearing trendy activewear. Every garment is tested by me, to make sure in every moving the clothes feels comfortable, fitting perfectly on your body, make you feel secure that you can project your manhood and show the people that a strong man is out there imposes its personality.

The quality of RockTop activewear is based on:

1. Made In USA.

2. 100% High quality durable fabrics selected and with colors that project action.

3. Each seam is well finished to prevent it from unraveling.

4. The thread used to sew the clothes is with  high quality polyester that is not easy to damage due to its resistance to use, the user can enjoy their new garment for long time.

I am an activewear designer for more than 20 years in United States (NYC), Paris and Italy. Always pending for new cuts and colors of fashion. Son of one of the most famous designers for Casa Dior in Paris (Christian Dior). I grew up in a sewing workshop, seeing my mother designing clothes and making draws for print fabrics participating in fashion shows around the world and as director of photography for many catalogs, all these creating in me passion for fashion designs and sharing the pleasure that I feel wearing every of my garments designed for me with every man that wear one.

                                                                            Robert Schneider- RockTop

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