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WooF WooF !!!

RockTop Swimwear collection was designed thinking of the daring man who seeks to show his perfect masculinity and each part of his body with personality and attitude in any scene, beach, pool, etc., attracting the interest of the audience, feeling comfortable to wear a swimwear that is like a second skin. Something important is, the sizes running from Small to 3 Extra Large. Each swimwear is tested by RockTop, to make sure that in each movement wearing the swimwear is comfortable, has a perfect fit and quick drying Lycra. With any style of this collection every man will feel confident to project his manhood and show to the audience that a strong man is there. The technology, fabric and all components are from Italy, the swimwear are made in the Unites States. Every RockTop’s swimwear is  a durable apparel with a high quality.


Robert Schneider ( RockTop )



Jacomo Lombardi